The following are projects that have been successfully implemented by AHE.

Power Gas Energy Pvt Ltd, Sattur, kovilpatti. – Grid Linked Power Plant. Read More


Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, Baghvanpur, Uttarkhand Power & Thermal Combined Application. Read More


ITC Food Division, Thirubuvanai Pondicherry – Thermal Plants. Read More


About Us

Arya Hi-Tech Energies Pvt. Ltd (AHE) has been formed to provide turn-key supply of biomass gasifier based power plants as well as gasifiers for thermal applications. AHE takes credit for implementing which was operating and running successfully for over Ten years its sister concern Arashi Hi-Tech Bio-power Private Limited.

Arashi Hi-Tech Bio Power (P) Ltd., was established in 2002 at Sulthanpet, Coimbatore India. It holds the distinction of being India’s first new generation sustainable biomass grid linked power plant. This 1 MW biomass gasification technology from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has successfully powered many projects and raised the benchmark for excellence. Above all, its eco-friendliness is what makes it the perfect energy source of the future.

AHE offers a wide spectrum of biomass gasifier services under a single umbrella. This includes turn-key supply of biomass gasifier based power plants, gasifiers for power and thermal applications and operation and maintenance services of the client needed.

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Return On Investment

ROI for capative power plant is within 3 years and for grid linked plant it is 5 years. Thermal energy plants are the most attractive financially and pay back within 6 to 12 Months.

Typical Gasifier Applications

Village Electrification, Capative Power Plants from 50 KW to 2 MW, Grid power generation from 500 KW – 2 MW, Thermal plant capacity up to MW, Replacement of FO/ LPG or other fossil fuels in Aluminium Melting, Biscuit baking, Heat treatments of metals, powder coating ovens, Kiln application, Crumb rubber preparation, luidized bed dries, cooking applications, etc.

Biomass For Gasifier

Coconut Shell, Wood, Prosopsis Juliflora, Casuarina, Saw dust, Briquettes, Cashew Shells, groundnut Shells, etc.